January 11, 2011

Best and Beautiful Way To View Photos

Most of us are using Facebook. We all view at lest 25 photos per day in Facebook. Viewing our friends photos is really memorable moment. But viewing photo by clicking is extremely boring and painful task. 

Some time we might closed our friends album before we complete it. Especially I do like this. It does not mean that I am not interested on my friends album. It's because of finger pain. 
Viewing our friends photo is treat for our eyes. Meantime it's also pain for our finger.

Moreover I have solution for this problem. The solution is Cooliris.

What is Cooliris?

It's a Browser Extension.

Is it free?

Yes. It's absolutely free.

What it does?

Cooliris allows to view the images in more comfortable way.

Why we have to use Cooliris?

Viewing photos in Facebook and other sites are not interesting. But viewing photos in Cooliris is a different experience.

Who love Cooliris?

People who need best and beautiful way to watch photos.

How it works?
Cooliris Icon

Step 1: 
Download Cooliris Extension.
Step 2:
Visit Cooliris supported websites.
Step 3:
Keep Mouse over on photos.
Step 4:
Find Cooliris Icon on photos.
Step 5:
Click on Cooliris Icon.
Step 6:
View on Cooliris 3D Wall.

What are the websites support Cooliris?
  • Facebook 
  • Picasa Web Album
  • Filckr 
  • Google Image Search
  • Bing Image Search
  • Etc.

What are the browsers support Cooliris?
  • Firebox 3.0 onwards
  • Chrome 4.0 onwards 
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 onwards
  • Etc.

Whether Cooliris is only for online photos?

No. We can also view photos from our hard disk. 


Cooliris for Chrome

Cooliris for Firefox

Cooliris for Internet Explorer