January 30, 2011

Speed Dial For Browser

Chrome's Speed Dial

Speed Dial is a concept used in mobile phone to make a call very quickly. Similarly we have speed dial for browser. In a browser, speed dial used to access our favorite sites quickly. 

Speed Dial is more or less similar to Bookmark (Favorites in Internet Explorer) concept. But there are some differences and additional features exist in Speed Dial.

Firefox's Speed Dial

Phone Speed Dial Vs Browser Speed Dial

In phone speed dial we have to press and hold number key to make a call.

In browser speed dial we have two options to access our favorite site.

  1. Press Ctrl + Number 
  2. Click on Speed Dial 

In a mobile phone we can set speed dial just for 9 numbers(1-9) whereas in browser's speed dial there is no such restriction.

Bookmark Vs Speed Dial

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Bookmark is a inbuilt browser property. On other hand Speed Dial is a browser extension.

Both bookmark and speed dial offer quick access to our favorite sites.

Bookmark does not provide keyboard shortcut whereas speed dial offers shortcut.

Ctrl + Number is the shortcut key used in speed dial.

Good Bye To Bookmark Tool Bar:
Earlier I used Bookmark Tool Bar. It occupies some space on my screen. So I said good bye to Bookmark Tool Bar.

Now I use Speed Dial as an alternative for Bookmark Tool Bar.

To download Speed Dial Extension click on the following respective images.