January 1, 2011

My Student Decoded Google's New Year Logo


Thomas is doing first year MCA in our college. Now he is in second semester. In his first semester most of time he lost attendance for first hour. 

He used to come 10 or 15 minutes late to college. But now Thomas is the first person to decode Google's New Year Logo.

Yesterday at 11.05AM Thomas came to my table. He told that I would like to share one thing to you. He asked me to open Google home page. 

I asked Thomas what is there in Google home age. He showed Google's logo and asked me what is the meaning of this logo. 

I took few seconds to think about that. At the end I said to Thomas, I don't know what it means. But Thomas said...

First we remove first character "G" and last character "E" from GMMXIE. We consider MMXI only. 

M means 1000 in Roman letter. So there are two M is there. It means 2000.

X and I means 10 and 1.

So Google logo represents 2011

As usual first and last character G and E represents Google's First and Last character.

Whether Thomas Copied?
No, Thomas did not copy from anywhere. He decoded within 30 minutes of Google's release.

Even at that point of time there was no explanation in Internet. This is Thomas original Decoding.