November 20, 2010

Microsoft says lie?

First time I laughed after reading one news. The news is...

"Indians don't like to use Pirated Software" 

Microsoft says the Indians don't like to use Pirated Software. It conducted survey to know the people opinions about pirated software. Around 2000 people participated on that survey from India. 

Majority of the Indians have said that "we are ready to pay for genuine software rather than using pirated software".  But in India most of the people uses pirated software only. 

Some source says that...

  • In India more than 65% people use pirated software. 
  • Illegal movie download ranking India is on 4th position.

So Microsoft survey is totally opposite to the above facts. 

On other hand Indian's don't tell true. For example we used say that we are good in behavior. But statics says that AIDS is high in India. Similarly Indians are using pirated software but they are saying that we would like to use genuine software.

I can understand Microsoft products easily, but I find difficult to understand the people specially Indians. Now I am looking for a person who can teach me about Indians.