November 23, 2010

The Best book to learn about the Web

Last week Google has published a book. The book title is 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web. Though it's online book, we can still read this book on offline (To read on offline at lest once you have to read on online).

I never seen a book like this. It looks different. It's very easy to read. While reading this e-book I feel like a real book. I felt very comfortable while turning from one page to another page. Moreover it looks like a comic book.

This book consists of 20 chapters and 61 pages. My favorite chapter is "Browser Cookies". 

Chapter 1: What is the Internet?
Chapter 2: Cloud Computing
Chapter 3: Web Apps
Chapter 4: HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more
Chapter 5: HTML 5

Chapter 6: 3D in the Browser
Chapter 7: A Browser Madrigal
Chapter 8: Plug-ins
Chapter 9: Browser Extensions
Chapter 10: Synchronizing the Browser

Chapter 11: Browser Cookies
Chapter 12: Browsers and Privacy
Chapter 13: Malware, Phishing, and Security Risks
Chapter 14: How Modern Browsers Help Protect You from Malware and 

Chapter 15: Using Web Addresses to stay Safe
Chapter 16: IP Addresses and DNS
Chapter 17: Validating Identities Online
Chapter 18: Evolving to a Faster Web
Chapter 19: Open Source and Browsers
Chapter 20: Recap

Each chapter title has some words to express about that particular chapter. This idea looks unique and different for this book. For example...

"Browser Extensions" chapter titled as... 
          Browser Extensions or superpowers to your browser 

"Browser Cookies" chapter titled as... 
          Browser Cookies or thanks for memories 

When I was a student I was not aware of Cloud Computing, however I used to browse very often. Two years ago I came to know about Cloud Computing.

Surprisingly this book explains about cloud computing in the second chapter itself. Now I am realizing this is the best way to introduce internet and Cloud Computing.

This book says very clearly, we all are using internet through Cloud Computing. During my college days unfortunately this book was not available for me.

In my initial days I used to browse from browsing center. Once upon time I was also a member of Sify-i way. 

During those days I did not worry about privacy. Even I was not aware of my password security

I use internet since 2003, but from this book I learned, when I should allow cookies and when I should not allow cookies to remember my password and some other personal things.

This book explains elegantly about few more topics for safe and secure way to access an internet.

The illustration (Image) which has used in this book is really helping to understand the concept very easily. The following image has really impressed me. 

The above image has used in this book to explain CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). Moreover this book explain the concept in simple way. For example the following lines have used to describe CSS...

Web pages have also become more expressive with the introduction of CSS. CSS gives programmers an easy, efficient way to define a web page’s layout and beautify the page with design elements like colors, rounded corners, gradients, and animation.

Within two lines this book has explained about CSS. Here each and every word explains about CSS. My favorite line is...

 "CSS gives programmers an easy & efficient way to beautify web page's"

Overall this is the best book for beginners. Moreover intermediate can also get some unknown information from this book. Don't miss this book.

To read this book click on the opposite image.