November 17, 2010

America is on 22nd place, India is on 87th place

Last week Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan resigned his CM post. Two days before IT minster A.Raja resigned his cabinet minister post. The reason for their resignation is corruption.

Now this is the right time to discuss about our political corruption. Transparency International has ranked 178 countries in worldwide.

Transparency International

Transparency International (TI) is a Germany based Non Government Organization (NGO). TI is monitoring political corruption worldwide. Moreover it also publishing corrupt country list annually.

Denmark is the least corrupt country in this world whereas Somalia is the world most corrupt country on 2010. In this list America is on 22nd position. 

Least Corrupt Countries
  • Denmark 
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Finland
  • Sweden

Most Corrupt Countries

  • Somalia
  • Myanmar
  • Afghanistan 
  • Irag
  • Uzbekistan

India's Position

In the list, India is on 87th position whereas last year India is on 84th position. So India is not rising, India is falling. India has fallen three place from last year.

Next Year

Within one week Chief Minster and one Cabinet minster had resigned their respective post due to corruption. So according to my calculation India may fall 10 to 20 place next year. India will be on above 100th place on 2011.

At least by sharing this information we will try to move India towards least corrupt country list.