November 12, 2010

My student is smarter than me?!

Sathiya Naarayanan

Few weeks ago I answered to one of my student question. The question is...

Why not able to create a folder named "CON" in a computer?

My answer is...

“CON” is a device name. This is a reserved word in Windows Operating System. It should not be used for naming file or folder.

Meantime one of my student says that we can create. His name is Sathiya Naarayanan. He is doing second year MCA in our college.

Sathiya Naarayanan says that...

You can't create a folder with CON name because CON is an keyword in DOS. I have a solution for this

  • Create a New Folder
  • Rename it as CON and hold down ALT key and press 0160 in number pad and release the ALT key and press ENTER
  • CON is created

I always ask my students to remember "Never Accept Anything Without Questioning