June 4, 2010

Mobile Phone Operating System

My Dear Readers,

Nowadays majority of the people are using mobile phone. If I ask them to spell out few mobile phone manufactures, they are telling correctly…

1. Nokia
2. Sony Ericsson
3. Samsung
4. iPhone
5. Motorola
6. Blackberry
7. Etc.

Even I ask them to spell out few mobile phone service providers, they are saying exactly…

1. Airtel
2. Vodafone
3. Aircel
5. Idea
6. Etc.

But I ask people to spell out few mobile phone operating systems. Most of the people are unable to tell even one operating system.

This should not happen to you. Here I have listed the popular mobile phone operating system. Have a look and be ready to tell if anyone asks you about mobile phone operating system.

1. Symbian

2. Android(Google)

3. iPhone OS

4. Windows Mobile

5. RIM Blackberry

6. Palm OS (Garnet OS)

7. Mobile Linux

8. Etc.

Influenced To Inform