June 3, 2010

Impressive Innovation by an Indian

My Dear Readers,

Now I am going to tell about one of the Top 20 Innovation which is changing our Lives according to India Today magazine.

The innovation is Infibeam Pi. This is nothing but an e-Book Reader. The Interesting thing about Infibeam Pi is made by Indian( Vishal Mehta,CEO & Founder, Infibeam.com ).

India Today Says "It's an innovation set to transform the way Indians read"

Have Look on Product Details:

Cost: Rs.9, 999

Weight: 180 gm

Capacity: 512 MB( Store about 500 e-Books)

Size: 7 * 5

Thickness: 10 mm

We can read our favorite texts in 10 Official Indian languages like Hindi, Sanskrit and Tamil. The very interesting fact is while reading book, we can also listen to our favorite music as well.

To Learn more about "Infibeam Pi" visit : http://www.infibeam.com/Pi

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