June 2, 2010

Google is helping me to plan for a movie

My Dear Students,

I hope many of you already have seen Surya’s 25th Film “Singam”. Meanwhile few of you already in planning to watch this film on this week end.

Now I would like to help you to plan for your favorite movie with help of Google.

I assume that you would like to watch “Singam” in this week end. To plan you first need to know what are the theatres are showing this film. Next you need to know show timings of particular theatre. You can get this information very easily through Google.

Follow the steps.

Step: 1
Type “showtimes for Coimbatore” in Google Search Box.

Note: You have to type "showtimes" not "show times" or "showtime"

Google will display its search results. Look very closely on First result (Showtimes for Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu).

Step: 2
Click on First Result (Showtimes for Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu).

Now Google will display all theatres with current running movies which are available on Coimbatore. But we need only what are the theatres are showing the film “Singam”. To get this one follow the next step.

Step : 3
Type “Singam” in Google Search Box.

You can see theatres and its show timings as well. Now you can plan this week end movie with help of Google Showtimes.

Google is always helping us to search data very easily and effectively.
Kannan is always going to write about Information Technology through this blog.