June 7, 2010

WOW, What a week we have ahead!

My Dear Readers,

This week the top two most excited event of this year is going to happen. The first event is Football World Cup which is going to start on coming Friday. The second event is World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) is going to start on today.

The World Wide Developer Conference is organized by Apple Inc. WWDC is being held at San Francisco, U.S.A. This event will start from tonight at 10.30 PM (IST) and will continue till June 11, 2010.

According to Apple, this year the WWDC event will focus on the following tracks.

1. Application Frameworks

2. Internet & Web

3. Graphics & Media

4. Developer Tools

5. Core OS

More than 5000 thousands of developers from around the world are going participate in WWDC to receive information and instruction from Apple engineers. More than 1000 Engineers from Apple will share about Advance technologies over iPhone OS and Mac OS.

The important fact is Steve Jobs (Founder, Chairman & CEO, Apple Inc) will deliver the keynote address.

As an Apple lover we can say Ready 1..., 2..., 3... Start Innovation