May 22, 2012

Why I preferred Sambar Vadai over Curd Vadai?

Sambar Vadai?

"Today's breakfast is Idly. What do you like to have (Samabar or Chutney)?", my wife asked me. "I want both Samabar and Chutney", I replied to her. My tongue will start dancing whenever it meets Sambar and Chutney together.

But, nowadays, I prefer sambar especially in restaurant. The reason is few days ago I read something. I will tell you about it later.

"Could you prepare vadai for me?", I asked my wife on last Saturday. "No, I am not feeling well. We will eat in any other day", she replied. Today, I decided to eat vadai. I went to restaurant and asked vadai. The waiter asked me, "whether samabar vadai or curd vadai?"

I love curd vadai. But, I took few seconds to think and ordered sambar vadai. Why I didn't order curd vadai? The reason is...

It was power-cut time. No internet. I felt bored. I tried to sleep. Sweating does not allow me to sleep. I decided to read. I turned left on bed. There was a women magazine, which my wife used to read. I took it and started to read.

Most of the women magazine particularly Tamil magazine offer supplementary book. Interestingly, majority of the books are recipes. Rarely, the magazine, which I read that day, have issued travelling tips as a supplementary book. One lady have shared the tips.

One of the tips is...

"Try to avoid chutney in restaurant. It's better to prefer sambar." The reason is water. We don't know the quality of water used in chutney. In case of sambar, it was boiled one. So the quality of water is less concerned over the water used in chutney.

I had doubt over the quality of water used in curd vadai. Therefore, I ate sambar vadai. It was very tasty.

Moral of the story:
Always Read Something