May 22, 2012

Sachin, I have question. Could you answer to me?


Dear Sachin,

This is Kannan. My favorite outdoor game is Cricket. I spend lot of hours in front of television while you are playing. I never missed to read about you in newspaper.

One of your fan said, "Cricket is my religion and Sachin is my God." I am also like him. I like you and admire you. Once you said, "Straight drive is my favorite shot." I tried to play straight drive while playing in my village street.

I follow you on Twitter. I also have written few times about you in my blog on the following topic.
  1. Sachin shared his MOM photo on Twitter
  2. Congratulate Sachin on his website
  3. Sachin Does Not Follow Any Woman
Sachin you are tweeting about your Mumbai Indians team and your team members performance. Recently, you sent the following messages on Twitter.

Sachin's Twitter

Sachin's Twitter

Sachin's Twitter

Now, my question is why you did not send any message while playing for India. You did not send a single message during World Cup or Asia Cup. What is the reason?

Virat Kohli played exceptionally well in Asia Cup. But you did not use your finger to type something about him. On other hand, you wrote about your Mumbai team members (Rohit Sharma, Dwayne Smith and Kieron Pollard) performance. What is the reason?

Please keep in mind. My aim is just to know the reason not to doubt your patriotism. However, all the best to become a champion in IPL-V.