May 6, 2012

When you started to use mobile phone?

Vazhakku Enn 18/9 | Case No: 18/9

Today, I watched Case No. 18/9 (வழக்கு எண் 18/9) in Shanthi Theatre, Coimbatore. Movie is all about cyber crime. In case no. 18/9, school students particularly boys are using mobile phone in wrong manner.

After watching this movie I just raised one question to myself. The question is when I started to use mobile phone.

First Phone

In 2006, during my college final year of MCA I bought my first mobile phone. I used my first phone almost five years. My first phone does not have any advanced features like Camera. Now I am using Samsung Champ. This is my second phone. It was gifted by my brother one year ago.

First Photo

My Mom
My first photo: My Mom

My current phone is having camera. First, I captured my mom using this phone. Still I am having this photo with me. When you started to use mobile phone? And share your first photo experience with me.