April 10, 2012

We met an accident. Luckily my brother-in-law saved my life


Last Friday I went to my native, Kulumur. That evening, at home, I was watching IPL cricket match. Around 6.00pm I received call from my father-in-law. He asked me to come to our district capital, Ariyalur, for medical checkup, which is needed for my son insurance policy.

My father-in-law said that doctor will be available till 8.00pm. He suggested me to come by TVS XL Super till our taluk capital, Sendurai, which is around 10km away from my village. From Sendurai to Ariyalur, he advised me to use bus.

The distance between Sendurai and Ariyalur is 20km. I decided not to use bus. If I go buy TVS XL, I need almost 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Ariyalur. Time is already 6 O' clock. I need another 15 minutes to get ready. Finally I decided to go by bike.

That day, there were four vehicles (2 bikes + 2 bicycles) have been parked in our home. My father is using the first cycle and my son is using another one cycle. My son's vehicle is special one. Because it has three wheels!

The first bike is my father-in law's TVS XL. The second bike is my brother's TVS Apache. My first choice is non-gear bike or automatic gear bike like Honda Activa. I have used gear bike such as Hero Honda Splendor, Yamaha Crux and etc. But I never felt comfortable to drive gear bike.


I asked permission to my brother to use his Apache. Immediately, he said you can't drive Apache. 'It's okay, but I go with my brother-in-law, Vivek,' I replied to him. My brother is not satisfied with Vivek. He said that yesterday I found even Vivek was not comfortable to drive Apache. Anyhow, Vivek convinced my brother by saying, 'No problem I can drive and manage it'. At the end, my brother gave key to us.

We both started at 6.15pm. We reached Ariyalur around 7 O' clock. Unfortunately, The doctor was not in hospital due to his personal commitment. They said the doctor will come within another 15 minutes and asked us to wait. Normally, I hate hospital atmosphere particularly I don't like hospital smell.

I decided to walk in and around hospital to buy footwear for my son. I found one shop and asked the shopkeeper, 'Do you have footwear for one year old boy? The shopkeeper reply was No. I inquired in another one shop and the result is same. Before I enter into third shop, I said to myself it should be last shop, it's already 7.30.

The shopkeeper welcomed us. I asked footwear for my son. He said please come inside, we are having footwear to all people. He directed another person to serve us. Interestingly, like women the children also have footwear in many colors.

Unfortunately, men only have less color to choose from pant to footwear. I decided to buy red color. Because, that day, my son was wearing red color T-Shirt. Before I pay bill my father-in-law called me on phone. Therefore I asked Vivek to pay bill. I rushed into hospital.


The doctor asked my name and few other questions. The important question was, have you undergone any surgery? I said No. All the formalities ended up within 15 minutes. I checked my watch. It was 7.45pm. I asked Vivek, 'it's better first you drop your father in bus stop. I will come to bus stop by walk.'

On the way to bus stand I made call to my mother and asked do you need anything to buy here. My mother replied, 'we should feed Banana to your son.' I bought Banana for Rs.20. My mother like to eat Paratha. I bought Paratha for her.

Around 8.15 we started to leave from Ariyalur. This time also Vivek was driver. Accident happened within 10 minutes. Just before the accident I was observing the developments of Ariyalur. Ten years ago Ariyalur was not like this. Within five to six years there was remarkable development.

Earlier there was less traffic. The roads were very narrow. But now the roads are widened and vehicles movement are high. Particularly, the lorry movement is high.

Ariyalur is known for cement. The district is called as 'The Land of Cements.' There are more than dozen cement factories in our district. Particularly, from Ariyalur to Sendurai route there are two new cement factories. The accident happened nearer to these two new factories.


The lorry which involved in accident belongs to one of the factories. Vivek tried to overtake the lorry. But the lorry suddenly turned right side without signalling. Actually Vivek was shouting by saying, 'stupid, you turning without signalling.'

I thought we are going to hit lorry. However, Vivek turned the bike on right side as mush as possible. Luckily, we landed on sand. Vivek lost his control and unable to balance the bike. Eventually, we fell down from the bike.

Meantime, Vivek's shouting made the lorry driver to stop the lorry. Our bike's back wheel is just one feet away from lorry's back wheel. There was no bleeding from my body but there was bleeding from Vivek's leg, luckily the bleeding was not severe. I felt pain in my right hand elbow and right leg after 15 minutes.

Apache is a brand new bike. Few months ago my brother bought it. There was minor damage to bike as well. The right hand side indicator was broken. Scratch on headlight's doom and some other parts. I made call to my brother. I told that we met accident, nothing serious to us and some damages to bike.

My brother response was, 'No problem, you come back to village. I will repair bike latter.' I expressed my view to him, 'we should register case against lorry driver. He made mistake and now he is speaking stupid things.' My brother asked us to wait and informed that our uncle will come to accident spot.


My uncle came to accident spot after 20 minutes along with his friend. He listened to the lorry driver and collected money to repair bike. He forced us to come to hospital for first aid. I tried to say, 'Nothing serious, we no need any treatment.' However, my uncle convinced us and made us to get treatment.

The treatment was over within 15 minutes. Before I leave from hospital, my uncle friend advised me. He asked me to assume, 'Except you everybody on the road are mad. Therefore, you have to be cautious in all manner.' I am impressed by his advice.

We reached my village at 11.10pm. My father asked about the accident. I explained everything to him. He gave two advice. The first advice is don't depend on indicator, in village area, people may not use indicator properly. It's always better to use horn before you overtake any vehicle.

The second advice is most of the lorry drivers are dangerous fellow on road. They may not be given enough rest. Few of the lorry driver may have taken alcohol. Therefore, be careful when you face lorry on road.

Yesterday, I was driving Honda Activa in Coimbatore. I felt few changes already in my approach on road. Yesterday, before I the start bike I just remembered...

'Except you everybody on the road are mad'