April 4, 2012

Today's my interview experience


I hope you already know about my current status. Suppose if you don't know let me tell. At this moment I am unemployed. Yes, I resigned my job. You can read more about my resignation on previous post

Actually I am waiting for an interview call from colleges such as PSG and KCT. I have applied for an assistant professor post. I expect that I'll clear the interview and get into prestigious institution like PSG. If everything goes fine I'll get job on June (Because academic year starts on June).

Meantime, as per my friend (Srinivasan) suggestion I am also looking for some part time teaching job to avoid watching too much cricket (IPL) on Television and also to manage few expenses like buying new toys for my one year old son (Today, I bought drums for my son after an interview).

Today (04.04.12), I went for an interview, which is for part time programming language trainer. The interview scheduled on 10.00am. I reached the destination 20 minutes before. I went for refreshment and ate some snacks (Onion Pakoda). Exactly at 10 O' clock I entered into interviewer's building.

The interviewer name is Point Perfect Technology Solution (PPTS). It's located in Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore. Due to severe power cut, the building seems to be so dark. They asked to me wait for few minutes.

Fortunately, they called me within five minutes (It created good impression about an interviewer). There were two people inside the interview room. Initially, the darkness does not allow me to feel comfortable.

As usual, the interviewer asked the first question, "Kannan, Introduce yourself." And one of the other questions I faced was, "How do you rate your knowledge over 'C' programming from 1 to 10." Similarly, they asked few more questions. I answered all the questions patiently.

(Hello Students,

Are you going to face interview shortly. Here I leak two questions. Prepare answer for these two questions.

1. Introduce Yourself
2. How do you rate your knowledge over ______ subject from 1 to 10?

If you are well prepared for first question, then you can make interviewer to listen to you. Yes, you can get interviewer attention.)

The interviewer asked one interesting and important question. The moment he asked that particular question I felt some brightness inside the interview room. Immediately, I get excited to answer. Now I feel that the whole body answered to that particular question (Even my dress, wrist-watch and pen answered).

The question is, ''Kannan, why you have chosen teaching as career rather than software engineer". I already faced the same question so many times. Even my friends, my mother and my wife asked me the same question (I guess my son will also ask the same question in future). But I never tired to answer this particular question.

(Hello Everybody,

Why you ask this question to me? What's your motive behind this question? I knew why my mother asked this question to me. She used suggest me to join in company as software engineer, who are earning more money.)

My answer to this question is writing a program is interesting. There is no doubt about it. Meantime writing program in human brain is more exciting than writing program in computer. After this answer the interviewer almost started to debate with me.

The interviewer said that teaching or training is not easy task. He also said that it's difficult to control human brain. I responded to him by saying, I like this challenge and like teaching. Meanwhile, I asked about an interviewer. He said that currently I am working as a Project Manager. I am having more than 12 years experience in software development.

(Hello World,

What do you think about teaching? Please name your favorite college teacher and why you love him/her. Your answer will help me to identify myself in teaching.)

At the end, the interviewer said currently we don't have any vacancy for "C, C++ and Java." At present we are looking for .NET trainer. Meantime, we will call you once we get extra batches for C, C++ and Java programming.

I walked away from interview room with smile. On the way to home I had one tender coconut (And I bought few palm seeds (நொங்கு) for my wife). Later I had very good lunch in home and tried to sleep for an hour in afternoon. But I was not able to sleep. Few times the same question came into mind.

Since childhood one of my hobby is reading. I enjoy reading. I spent lot to buy book during my college  days  (My all time favorite book is Thirukural).  I don't want to lose this hobby throughout my life. This is one of the reasons to choose teaching as career.

During my MCA course I get excited to write program. I practiced few small programs. Accidentally, I was asked to deliver seminar. During that particular seminar I realized that teaching is more exciting than writing program in computer.

(The professor, who asked me to deliver that particular seminar, is currently working as a director in SVS Institute of Computer Application. His name is Prof.S.K.Mahendran.)

After that particular seminar, I started to think about teaching. I also delivered few more seminars based on my own interest. My friends real feedback encouraged me to consider teaching is the right profession for me (The common feedback is "it's worth to sit and listen in Kannan's seminar hours").

Both the advantage and disadvantage of programming is computer does not think, it just obey our instruction. Programmer role is to make computer to accept data and convert the same data as an information according to user instruction.

On other hand, human brain is there mainly to think. Human brain is not interested to obey any instruction without thinking. Naturally human brain is creative. The ultimate role of the teacher is to groom the creativeness through various activities such as bringing real-time problem into student mind, making them to ask questions and etc.

(Hello Software Engineers,

Wait... Stop... Don't start to fight with me. I am not trying to degrade you. I am trying to figure out the characteristic of teaching.

I know you are doing great job by developing machine. I am assisting human to be capable of developing machine. You are encouraged to take in right spirit.)

In simple, I can say that the teacher's success lies on how the student brain apply whatever they have taken from class room in creative manner. Programmer work is to give right instruction to machine whereas the teacher's work is to convert student as a teacher for themselves.

(Hello Readers,

I guess...Now you are in process of making conclusion about me, whether Kannan is good teacher or not. Wait, I will help you to make a decision. I received many feedback from my students. Few of the feedback are...

  • You should improve your English
  • You have to complete syllabus on time
  • Please talk about the depth of topic as well 
  • Please stop talking about your personal blog
  • You are going away from syllabus & sometime subject too
  • Your lecture is boring. Don't repeat the same topic again and again
  • etc.

If you wait and refresh this page after few minutes, few of my students may expressed their thoughts about my lecture here.)

Tonight, I compromised CSK vs MI match to write this article. I would like to thank an interviewer for his question, which eventually made to utilize my time in constructive way.

Thanks to an interviewer!