February 20, 2012

Windows New Logo Looks Good Or Bad

Windows 8 Logo

Last Friday (February 17) Microsoft confirmed that Windows next version is going to have new logo.

Windows new logo is almost completely different from old versions. Old logos consists of four color...
Windows Logo
  1. Orange 
  2. Yellow
  3. Green
  4. Blue
But 'Windows 8' logo has single color (Blue) alone. People already expressed their views about new logo.

One group of people are saying new logo is better than old logos...

Sexiest logo ever for Windows OS!!

Another group of people says that old logo is better than the new logo. One person said that...

Ugly!!!! Please add some colors in it!!! :(((((

What you think about this new logo? First, let us have a look at Windows major versions logos on below presentation.

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