February 27, 2012

Now I'm using Pinterest (Girls Love Pinterest)


Just now I started to use Pinterest. My address is pinterest.com/kannanvijayan. Have you heard about Pinterest?  

If your answer is Yes...Then you are definitely Female.
If your answer is No...Then you are my gender.

I heard about Pinterest just ten days before. 

What is Pinterest?


I don't know much about Pinterest. But, I started to use it just for one reason - Girls Love Pinterest. 

Most of my blog readers are boys (See my previous post comment section. You can find only boys comment. Moreover, most of my blog members are boys). I don't know why girls don't read my blog.

My motive is to understand what girls like! Interestingly, I found one reason why girls love Pinterest. It's so colorful.

I don't know what I can do on Pinterest. Are you female and using Pintesrest? Tell me, how can I use Pinterest?