February 25, 2012

Abdul Kalam is on Facebook (True or False)

Abdul Kalam

The above picture is available on Facebook. The photo actually shared on February 9, 2012. So far, about 15,000 people liked this photo. Besides, around 3000 people shared and more than 1000 people commented on this photo.

Now the question is whether Abdul Kalam is using Facebook.

Kalam is using Facebook. 

Kalam official Facebook page is facebook.com/OfficialKalam

I would like to say thanks to Kalam. Here after, if anybody say don't waste time on Facebook, I will say immediately...

"I am not wasting my time on Facebook. Even Abdul Kalam is using Facebook"
Now the next question is what we think about Kalam's appearance on Facebook.

a) Welcome Abdul Kalam to Facebook!
b) Former President should not use Facebook.
c) Kalam too late to Facebook.
d) Facebook is only for youngsters. Facebook is not for 80 years old man.
e) No comment.

My answer is 'Option C.' 
Yes,  Kalam too late to Facebook. (Better late than never)

What do you think?