December 12, 2011

Vote For Student Startup Company

Tata First Dot

Last night I did not sleep properly. The reason is one of my students comment. Yesterday I wrote two posts. First post title was Most Downloaded Actress in 2011. Second post title was Most Downloaded Actor in 2011. My student Sathiya Naarayanan wrote comment for the first post. He said that...
"Sir…This is not we expect from your blog"
Sathiya Naarayanan made me to think. His comment raised few questions to me. The important questions are...
  • Why I am writing?
  • What I need to write?
  • What I want to achieve through my writing?
Moreover last night I spent time to find something useful for students. Incidentally I found 'Tata First Dot.'

Tata First Dot

Tata First Dot is great place for student entrepreneurs to showcase their business idea. They are mentoring student business idea.

This year more than 200 ideas are available on Tata First Dot. Top five ideas will be shortlisted based on people vote. Top ideas will be mentored exclusively by experts. They will help to start company as well.


The voting period from November 15 to December 15. Three more days are there to vote. Remember this is national wide platform for student business idea.

Tata First Dot

Currently Chennai students are leading. To vote please click on the above image.

However I dedicate this post to my student Sathiya Naarayanan. I would like to thank Sathiya Naarayanan. His comment have helped to analyse myself. Thanks Sathiya!