December 13, 2011

Most Popular Hollywood Actress & Actor on Twitter (2011)


Last week Twitter released the year 2011 report about most popular things such as actor, actress, movies, music and etc. The report has been generated based on users shared information on Twitter.

Twitter is known as "SMS of the Internet." More than 30 Crore people are using Twitter world wide to share information on internet. 

Here is the top five popular actor and actress of 2011. 

Popular Actress 
Elizabeth Taylor
1 - Elizabeth Taylor
Mila Kunis
2 - Mila Kunis
Anne Hathaway
3 - Anne Hathaway
Raven Symone
4 - Raven Symone
Natalie Portman
5 - Natalie Portman
Popular Actor
Charlie Sheen
1 - Charlie Sheen
Macaulay Culkin
2 - Macaulay Culkin
Ryan Dunn
3 - Ryan Dunn
Ricky Gervais
 4 - Ricky Gervais
Pete Postlethwaite
5 - Pete Postlethwaite