December 15, 2011

LinkedIn says Indians don't want to be creative


More than one Crore people are using LinkedIn in worldwide. LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking site. It is known as professional networking site. It's mainly used for business related networking. People are using LinkedIn exclusively for their career growth.

Two days ago LinkedIn released annual report. Report says that Indians don't want to be creative whereas Americans would like to be creative. As I said first, people are using LinkedIn for their career growth. In LinkedIn profile, people are describing about their skill, knowledge, personality and etc.

LinkedIn have released this report based on frequently used word from profile description. Most of the Indians are using the word "Effective Person" in their profile. But majority of the Americans are using the word "Creative Person."

For example if I want to describe about me...I will write as...

"I am a highly creative, looking for world class university to apply my creative idea to sharp student's brain"

Similarly people are having their own description in their profile. Most of the Indians profile have the word "Effective" whereas people from America, England and Australia are using the word "Creative."

LinkedIn have given name "Buzzword" for the most used word in users profile. Here you can find the Buzzword of various country.


Now the question is as an Indian what you think about Indians. Whether the Indian want to be creative or not? My answer is as an Indian I would like to be a creative person. What about you?