December 3, 2011

Kolaveri is taking Dhanush into international market


The year 2011 is a memorable year for Dhanush. Beginning of the year he won Nationl Award for his acting in Aadukalam. Now Kolaveri is taking Dhanush into international market. 

(If you are not aware of Dhanush's Kolaveri song, read my previous post1 and post2)

Already all major national websites such as The Hindu, Times of India and India Today have written about Kolaveri. Now it's time for International websites to talk about Dhanush's Kolaveri. 

Yes, now International websites are writing about Kolaveri. BBC has written about Kolaveri song. 

BBC said that...

"Kolaveri has gone viral on the internet in India" 

Time website also has written that...

"India can't stop listening (Kolaveri)"