November 27, 2011

Rajini and Kamal Daughters + Dhanush = 3 (Why This Kolaveri Di)

Why This கொலவெறி

Yesterday evening I was changing channel to watch Ind Vs WI third test match highlights. Suddenly I found Dhanush in NDTV. He was talking about his song 'Why this Kolaveri Di.'

Last night I listened this song on Internet. It's funny and interesting. Moreover it's unique and straight from heart. It made me to laugh.

About Kolaveri

'Why This Kolaveri Di' is one of the song from Dhanush upcoming movie. The movie name is '3', the director of movie is Dhanush's wife Aiswarya Dhanush. Interstingly the heroine of this movie is Kamal Hassan's daughter Shruti Hassan.

This song is about love failure. The lyricist and singer of the song is Dhanush. The music director name is Anirudh.

Dhanush's 3

Why This Kolaveri is already talk of the internet over past one week. Yes, Amitabh Bachchan is talking about this song on Twitter. Almost all News papers and News channels are talking about this song. 

Already around 70 lakhs people have listened this song on YouTube. 70 lakhs is amazing number. Within 10 days around 70 lakhs views. It's unbelievable. But it happened.

Why This கொலவெறி
Shruti,  Anirudh (Music Director) and Aiswarya

This song not only popular in Tamil Nadu, it's also popular in North India. Yes, even Non-Tamil speaking people are sharing this song on social networking.