June 1, 2011

Yesterday = iPhone; Today = iPad; Tomorrow = iCloud

Apple revolutionized digital devices. Apple has changed the way we use Digital Music Player and Mobile Phone by introducing iPod and iPhone respectively. Last year Apple also introduced Tablet Computer (iPad). Now iPad is one of the most selling digital device in world.

Yesterday Apple announced its interest over cloud services. Yes, Apple now enter into cloud services. The service named as iCloud.

What is Cloud Services?

Let me define computer as follows...

Computer = Hardware + Software + Data

Now imagine you are listening your favorite songs on computer. Monitor and Speaker are known as Hardware. You have stored your favorite song in hard disk. Here hard disk is also known as Hardware. The song what you are listening is known as Data. The media player in which you are listening song is known as Software. Remember Software also stored in hard disk. In your case, you have stored media player in hard disk.

Cloud Services redefine computer as follows...

Computer = Hardware + Internet (Software + Data)

Cloud means Internet. In cloud services, both Software and Data will be kept in Internet. We can access our data whenever and wherever we need it.

Now imagine you are listening your favorite song on your computer. But your song and media player are not stored in your system. It's actually stored in Internet.

What is iCloud?

iCloud = I store my Data and Software on Cloud (Internet)