May 31, 2011

I sent my wishes to Dhoni & Co. Now my message is visisble on CSK website

The day before yesterday (29.5.2011) at 5.56PM I sent one message to Dhoni & Co. for their achievement in IPL 2011. The message is…

'Congrats CSK. I admire CSK and its yellow color.' 

Yesterday at 11.34AM I tried to send another one meassge to check whether they are allowing the same person to send more than one message or not. CSK website accepts more than one message. The second message what I sent to CSK is…

'Congratulations CSK. The best way to celebrate this victory is.....Whistling.....'

Now both these two messages are visible on CSK website. 

Now Your Turn 

It’s simple and easy to send wishes to CSK. The only condition is you must be a register user of CSK website to type your message. 

To send your message click here