December 9, 2010

Please (Don't) Watch...This Is Uncensored

You may heard about “WikiLeaks”.  WikiLeaks is a popular and controversial word during last one year. WikiLeaks often appears in News Headlines.  Here I would like share few things about WikiLeaks.

1) What is WikiLeaks?

      It’s a website (News Website). 

2) What it does?

     It releases/leaks confidential information.

3) Whether they are doing for money?

     No. It is a non-profit website.

4) Or, whether they are doing for fame?

     No. It brings hidden facts into public.

5) Who is the owner?

     His name is Julian Assange. He is a Journalist. 
     He is also a Computer Programmer. 

Julian Assange

     Once upon a time he was also known as a Hacker. 

6) Who hate this website?


7) What others say about WikiLeaks?

     Time magazine has said….

Could become as important a journalistic tool as the Freedom of Information Act

8) Can I send document to WikiLeaks?

     Yes. Anyone can send document but...

It should not be personal. It should be public related

9) Will they publish my name?

     No. They never publish your name. So you are safe. 

10) Shall I share this with my friends?

      Go ahead. Meantime tell to your friends… 

Please (Don't) Watch...This Is Uncensored