December 4, 2010

My Student Has Learned A Lesson From Movie

Recently I received an Email from one of my student. In that mail he has mentioned that "Yesterday I learned a lesson from movie". The movie name is Mandhira Punnagai (Mystic Smile). 
Jai Sripathy

My student name is Jai Shripathy. He is doing First Year MCA in our college.

Jai Shripathy says...

Yesterday I saw a Mandhira Punnagai movie. Karu Paliniappan has acted as an Architect. In that film I understood the difference between Architect and Engineer. 

Architect is a person who gives a plan and makes an inspection whether the building is undergoing as per plan or not.

Civil Engineer is a person who follows the planning chart given by the Architect and build accordingly.

In a real world, we may find a Civil Engineers who plan and also build the house. But actually this type of Engineers will involve in simple and small buildings only.

Suppose complexity is involved, for an example there is different a between building a house and a bridge. 

An Engineer does not know how many pillars needed to hold the bridge, but Architect gives the necessary information in detail.

Basically an Engineer is under an Architect. An Engineer just need to work out the Architect ideas.

Architect is a person normally gives an idea about the structure of the building whereas Engineer is a person who just understand the idea given by an Architect and implement that plan.

From today onwards I am going to teach the following lesson. 

Movie consists of both good and bad. But we only have to learn good lesson like Jai Shripathy