December 23, 2010

Last year Google was in 14th place, but this year it goes to 30th place

Most of us would like to work in Google. There are many reasons why people like to work in Google. Here are a few reasons...

Good Salary

Google offers very good salary.

Work Hours

Flexible work hours is the one of the main advantage of Google. 


In Google we have an opportunity to work with smart and genius people.

Fun @ Work

Google is the place where employee can get a funny atmosphere to work. 

Healthy Snacks

Google employees are enjoying with free and healthy snacks at Google office.

Free Food

Google provides free food (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Free Drinks

There are plenty of free drinks including wine at Google office.

Free Hair Cut

Google employees take care of their appearance through Google's free hair cut services.

Free Laundry

Google not only avoid dirty website while we do search. Google also remove dirty from their employees cloth at free of cost.

Google is in 30th place

By seeing the above reason we can easily come to conclusion that Google is the right place to work. But Google employee feels differently.

According to ranking Google employees are not satisfied. In terms of employee satisfaction, this year Google has been ranked in 30th place. 

In early days Google employees were satisfied. That's why Google was in 14th place at 2009 and 7th place at 2008. 

This year in terms of employee satisfaction Facebook has become No.1 company.

Why Google failed?

Google still provides all the above benefits to it's employee. The reason for Google's unsatisfied employee is very obvious. 

If there is one or two children in a family, parents can take care their of children properly. Suppose the number of children is high, parents can not take care of their children equally. This is what happened to Google.

Over a period time of Google has become a big company. The number of employees has increased.  Now Google find difficult to take care of their employee.