December 17, 2010

Don't Type; Just Click

While reading on internet if we don't know the meaning of particular word we can prefer online dictionary to find the meaning. 

There are two methods to find the meaning.

First Method:
  1. Open online dictionary
  2. Type that particular word
  3. Find the meaning 
Second Method:
  1. Copy that particular word
  2. Open online dictionary 
  3. Paste the word
  4. Find the meaning 
I am slow in typing so I prefer the second method to find the meaning. Meantime now a days I am not following the second method also. I am using another one easiest method.

There is only one step in this method. So it saves my time. That single step is...

Just Double Click on the particular word 

I just double click on the word "Professor"

I double click on the word "Computer"

Advantage of this method:

  1. Only one step (Just Double Click On Word)
  2. No need to open new window or new tab to access online dictionary
  3. Reduce the finger pain 
  4. No advertisement (If we open online dictionary there may be an advertisement)
  5. Save Time
  6. No distraction (No need to move from one site to another site to find the meaning)
  7. Helps to concentrate on reading 
  8. Fast way to find the meaning 


There is an extension to find the meaning in this fashion. This extension works only on Google Chrome browser. Moreover it's free. To install this extension Click Here.