October 10, 2010

Salute To Sehwag

Recently Sehwag won the "ICC Test Player of the Year (2010) Award". Now the whole world is praising Shewag. Last year Gautam Gambhir won the same award.

Currently India is No.1 team in this world. Both Sehwag and Gambhir are openers for India. They are coming from same city (Delhi).

Gambhir & Sehwag

Now a days people get jealous over others victory. But Sehwag did not got any jealous when Gambhir won this award last time. 

After winning this award Sehwag said that...

"I got motivated when Gambhir got the award"

The whole world salute Sehwag for his attitude. India is really lucky to have a person like Shewag in Indian team.

Now I remember the lesson what I learnt in book. The winner never get jealous over others victory.