October 17, 2010

India's First 3D Animation Movie

My Next Animation Movie

Earlier I hate animation movies. But now I would like to watch animation movies. Recently I watched one animation movie. It was excellent movie. 

I really enjoyed each and every scenes from this movie. The movie name is "How To Train Your Dragon". 

My Last Animation Movie 

"How To Train Your Dragon" has increased my enthusiasm for Animation movies. Now I am planning to watch another one Animation movie. The movie name is "Alpha and Omega"

Alpha and Omega

This is India's First 3D Animation movie. This film yet to release in India. But it was already released in U.S.A.

As an Indian I am extremely proud of Alpha and Omega. Because this is the first time Indian produced animation movie for America.

Endhiran Vs Alpha & Omega

  • Endhiran is India's First Science Movie. Alpha and Omega is India's First 3D Animation movie 
  • Endhiran is produced for Indian audience specially for Tamil Nadu audience whereas Alpha and Omega is produced for American audience.
  • Endhiran film animation is done by American company whereas Alpha and Omega animation is done by Indian company. The company name is Crest Animation

Alpha & Omega Website

Alpha and Omega film website is really interesting. I really impressed by this website. This website is pleasant treat for our eyes. Don't miss to visit this website.

Watch The Trailer on YouTube