June 11, 2010

B for Blog

My Dear Readers,

Last week one of my students (ELAMATHI J.M., II-MCA) asked me the difference between blog and website.

Here I take this opportunity to share my answer to you.

The difference between blog and website:

First of all I would like to make very clear a Blog is website. If I want to say more precisely, a Blog is a dynamic website. Blogs are mostly updated frequently (daily). The entries (post) are displayed in reverse chronological order. On other words the latest entry will be displayed in front.

A blog is also called as web log or weblog.

Blog is mostly used for to say something.
Website is mostly used for to describe product or service.

Blog is dynamic. Website is static.

The difference between Test match and 20-20 match:

Test match is old cricket match. 20-20 is new cricket match. The person who would like to play test match need to be technically sound. On other hand a person who would like to play 20-20 no need to have technical skill.

Similarly to maintain website you need to have knowledge about HTML and web designing skills. But to maintain blog you no need to bother about HTML and CSS etc.

The terms we need to know:

Blogging: The activity of updating or maintaining a blog is blogging.

Post: Individual articles (Topic) on a blog are called blog posts, posts or entries.

Blogger: A person who posts (write) the entry is known as a blogger.

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