May 27, 2012

Today is my blog's second anniversary

Professor Kannan Vijayan
What I Read Yesterday - I would like to share

Today is my blog's second anniversary. Two years ago exactly on May 27, 2010, I wrote my first post. So far I have published 232 posts. Based on page views, here, I have listed the top five most popular posts.

Rank Topic Posted OnPage Views
1 Steve Job's Daughter BlogOct 10, 2011
2I was fortunate to attend Dr. Subramanian Swamy lectureApr 23, 20113438
3Happy Birthday to Bill GatesOct 28, 2011
4Belated Birthday Wishes to Facebook's Like ButtonApr 27, 2011 1615

5Sex Ratio in Tamil Nadu DistrictsJun 6, 2011914

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At present, I am very tired. This month alone I have written 20 posts (Including this post). I hope you enjoy reading this blog. In meanwhile, could you tell me what you like from this blog?

I would like to remember two persons. They are my wife and mom. My wife gifted a desktop computer. I am using it to write this blog. My mom used to suggest, "Keep on write. Don't leave writing."

Yes, this blog runs on my wife's hardware and my mom's software.

(Here, you can also read this blog first anniversary post)

Few days ago I pasted sticker (What I Read Yesterday) on my vehicle. Yes, I love this blog title. I have also planned to register this title in future.

What I Read Yesterday - I would like to share

Money! Money!!

One of my friend suggested to display advertisement on this blog and earn money. I am not interested to display advertisement. I enjoy sharing what I am reading.

I am happy to have few people who are interested on my reading. If they benefit anything from my reading, then I am also one of the richest person in this world. Therefore, I said NO to advertisement.

Now, it's time improve the quality of my reading list. Are you reading this blog? What do you think about it?