May 19, 2012

Facebook's first female engineer is an Indian

Ruchi Sanghvi
Ruchi Sanghvi

Facebook's first female engineer is an Indian. Her name is Ruchi Sanghvi. She joined Facebook on August, 2005. Now she is not working in Facebook. She left Facebook on 2010.

Currently Sanghvi is working in Dropbox. She had worked in Oracle as well. She is also co-founder of Cove.

Sanghvi's Web Address
LinkedIn FacebookTwitter!/rsanghvi

Sanghvi is basically from Pune. She did schooling in Pune. She completed both bachelor and master degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) from Carnegie Mellon University, America.

Sanghvi Facebook's present and past cover photos are...

Sanghvi's present cover photo

Sanghvi's previous cover photo