April 16, 2012

Singer Chinmayee owns company


Rarely, I open MUSIC folder in my desktop. Sometime my wife used to ask to play song while I am writing in blog. But my reply to her, "I don't want any distraction." Yes, I am not big fan of music. But she like music. I can't recognize singer's voice but she identifies in fraction of second.

"Do you have Nanban movie songs?", my wife asked me. "No, I am not having", I replied to her. She particularly needed 'Ask Laska' song. "What's special in this song", I asked her. "Chinmayee is the playback singer of Ask Laska song", she replied.

"I admire Chinmayee. I not only like her voice, I like her personality as well", my wife said. One day at free time I googled Chinmayee. I collected some information about Chinmayee and shared with my wife. Here is that information...

Blue Elephant
Blue Elephant

Chinmayee owns company. The company name is Blue Elephant. Chinmayee is the founder and CEO of the company. Blue Elephant is doing translation work. Company website address is www.blue-elephant.co.in.

Chinmayee's Blog

Chinmayee's Blog Profile Image

Chinmayee is active on internet. She is writing a blog. Her blog title is WhatToNameIt. Around 2 lakhs people have viewed her profile. Her blog address is www.chinmayisripada.com.

Chinmayee on Twitter

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More than 60,000 people follow Chinmayee on Twitter. So far she has sent more than 40,000 tweets. She is available at twitter.com/chinmayi.