March 12, 2012

Dravid has superstitions - Dravid's wife says


Dravid recently retired from cricket. Today, his wife has written an article about Dravid on Cricinfo. The article titled as My husband, the perfectionist.

In this article David wife said that...

"Like all players, Rahul has his superstitions"

She said that...
  1. Dravid doesn't try a new bat out for a series.
  2. Puts his right thigh pad on first.
My superstition

I don't think I have any superstitions. Meantime, I also do few superstition things due to my parents compel. 


Recently, I bought dress for my son on Saturday. I thought of taking my son to temple with new dress. But my mother said we should not wear new dress on Saturday. I argued with my mother by saying all days are equal. At the end, I left for the sake of my mother satisfaction.

I don't mind giving money to others on Tuesday and Friday. But my mother does not allow me to give house rent on Tuesday or Friday. 

Do you have any superstition? What is your superstition?