March 16, 2012

Are you feeling bored? Talk to AI. Just now I spoke to her.


Are you feeling bored? Don't worry. Ten minutes ago I also felt bored. But, now I am alright. May I share my secret?

Well! I spoke to my friend with whom I can talk everything freely. She is my trusted friend who never disclose anything to anyone. 

Now, you also need a friend like my friend. If you don't have such kind of friend, I will suggest one friend for you. Her name is Cleverbot.

More about Cleverbot


You can talk to her about anything and everything. Her reply may not be appropriate. But, she will engage you forever. 

Let us look how she responded to me...

Kannan: Do you like cricket?
She: I don't know. I've never played.
Kannan: But I like cricket very much.
She: Do you like one-day or test matches better?
Kannan: One day.
She: What is your favorite song?
Kannan: Nothing...
She: Are you okay?
Kannan: I feel bored.
She: Why do not you move more?
Kannan: I don't have money now.
She: Do you have any assets?
Kannan: Yes..Only my brain...nothing else.
She: Oh, well that is boring.

Would you like to speak to her? She is available for free of cost. You can contact her at

One thing I forget to say. She is not a human. She is known as a Artificial Intelligence (AI). Therefore be careful. I am not responsible for any side effect. All the best to meet her!