January 30, 2012

Top two popular government websites

If I say Facebook is the most popular website in India, most of you might think we already know this information. Fine, but now I am here to share popular government websites. Before I share, I would like to ask few questions.

  • Have you visited any government websites?
  • What are the websites you have visited? 
  • What is your favorite government website? 

Well, some of us may not visit government websites at all. Frankly speaking I rarely visit government websites. Yesterday I entered into one website. Suddenly one question struck on my head. The question is what is the most visited government website in India.

Interestingly the website what I entered yesterday is one of the famous government site. Today I find this information from Google annual report, which has information for popular searches on Google.

Last year, Facebook is the most typed term on Google search box by Indian. Youtube is the second most used term. There are only two government websites among the top ten most viewed websites through Google search engine on 2011. The two websites are…

Indian Railways