November 5, 2011

Gmail's New Look: Toolbar Is Very Impressive


Nowadays Google is redesigning its products to maintain constant look and feel. Recently Google have redesigned Gmail. The new look available since last Tuesday (November 1).

First and foremost I am impressed by new Toolbar. In old look, there were two toolbars. However these two toolbars used to do same action. We can find the toolbar at the top of mail list. The same toolbar used to appear once again at the bottom of mail list.

Gmail's New Toolbar
Old Gmail

In new Gmail, only one toolbar is available. Toolbar appears at the top of the mail list.

Gmail's New Toolbar
New Gmail

The interesting change in new toolbar is that it has icon as button whereas in old toolbar buttons were text oriented. For example, in old toolbar, there was a delete button whereas in new toolbar, delete icon is used instead of text. This is smart move from Gmail.

Gmail's New Toolbar
Icon Based Buttons In New Toolbar

If we look closely, we can identify one more difference in new toolbar. Old toolbar always used to show all the button. Actually we don't require some buttons at sometime.

For example, assume, we have not selected any mail to delete. But delete button used to appear in old toolbar. But in new toolbar buttons are appearing only when we want. This is sensitive move from Gmail.

Overall the new toolbar is very impressive. I just love this toolbar.