May 3, 2011

I added one new VIP in my Google Talk

Last month I added one new friend in Google Talk contact list. His name is Guru. His full name is Google Talk Guru.

Google Talk Guru

Google Talk Guru is not a human. It’s a robot. Google Talk Guru will reply only for predefined commands. The predefined commands are...

  • Weather
  • Translate
  • Calculator
  • Sport Scores
  • Currency Conversion
  • Etc. 


To get weather details, you have to type the keyword 'weather' followed by city name.


Weather Coimbatore
Weather Delhi
Weather Chennai


To translate a word, you have to type the keyword 'translate' + word + to + Language


Translate water to Hindi 

Note: Tamil Translation Not Yet Supported. 


To do simple calculation, you just type the expression.


1 + 2
10 - 2
22 * 11

Sports Score

To know score details, you have to type the keyword 'score' followed by sport name.


Score IPL
Score Cricket

Currency Conversion

To know currency value, you have to type the number +  'currency type'  + to + 'currency type'


1 USD to INR
1 Singapore Dollar to Indian Rupees 

To Use Guru

Follow the following four steps...
  1. Sign into a Google Talk 
  2. Send a chat invitation to
  3. Find Guru in your contact list
  4. Send chat queries to Guru

More about Guru

One month before (30.3.2011) Google launched Google Talk Guru. As I said earlier it will reply only for predefined commands. If you try with different command then it will say 'Sorry'.  

Remember Guru is not a human being. Moreover Guru always (24 * 7) available on online. 


In Google Talk contact list, Guru is Very Important Person (VIP).  

Moreover Guru is Very Informative Person (VIP).