April 17, 2011

Election Report: Jayalalithaa is better than Karunanidhi

Tiruvarur and Srirangam are star MLA constituencies in 2011 assembly election. Both DMK and AIADMK alliance chief minister candidate contested in these two constituencies. Karunanidhi contested in Tiruvarur constituency. Similarly Jayalalithaa contested in Srirangam constituency.


Photo Credit: thehindu.com
Tiruvarur constituency is coming under Tiruvarur district.

11 more candidates along with Karunanidhi contested in Tiruvarur.

Surprisingly there was no female candidate in Tiruvarur.

Tiruvarur is a hometown of Karunanidhi.


Photo Credit: thehindu.com
Srirangam constituency is coming under Tirchy district.

22 more candidates along with Jayalalithaa contested in Srirangam.

20 male and 3 female candidates including Jayalalithaa contested in Srirangam.

Srirangam is a hometown of Jayalalithaa.

Constituency Type

There are two types of constituencies. The types are...
  1. Urban Constituency
  2. Rural Constituency
In urban constituency the number of literate people is high whereas in rural constituency the number of literate people is low. 

Literacy rate is high in Trichy district. So Srirangam can be considered as urban constituency. On other hand literacy rate of Tiruvarur district is not as high as Trichy district. Therefore Tiruvarur can be consider as rural constituency.

Generally urban citizen do not vote as much as rural citizen. The total vote percentage in Tiruvarur is 82% whereas in Srirangam the total vote percentage is 81%.

49-O (Not To Vote)

If we are not interested to vote for any candidate we can choose 49-O. It means we actually voted, but not for any candidate. The objective of 49-O is to stop somebody to exercise our vote. 

49-O is a official way of expressing our refusal to vote for any candidate. If we think the candidates are not eligible then we can vote under 49-O.   

More than 24 thousand people have voted for 49-O across Tamil Nadu in 2011 assembly election. Exactly 24,824 people have voted for 49-O.


In Tiruvarur constituency 59 people have voted for 49-O.

12 candidates including Karunanidhi contested in Tiruvarur constituency.

People who voted for 49-O think that all 12 candidates are not eligible to become a MLA.


In Srirangam constituency 31 people have voted for 49-O.

23 candidates including Jayalalithaa contested in Srirangam constituency.

People who voted for 49-O think that all 23 candidates are not eligible to become a MLA.

Five times chief minster Karunanidhi's constituency has received 59 vote whereas two times chief minster Jayalalithaa's constituency has received 31 vote. It means people think that Jayalalithaa is better than Karunanidhi.

S.No. Name of the Constituency  Star Candidate Number of 49-O Votes
1 Tiruvarur (திருவாரூர்) Karunanidhi 59
2 Srirangam (ஸ்ரீரங்கம்) Jayalalithaa 31

At the end I would like to remember my personal experience. Ten years before I exercised my first vote. At that time I asked few senior citizen, who is best? whether Karunanidhi or Jayalalithaa? 

One of the senior citizen replied that both Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa are not good people, meantime Jayalalithaa is slightly better than Karunanidhi.