October 6, 2010

A Letter To Rajini Fans

Photo Courtesy: The Hindu

Dear Rajini Fans,

Yesterday I watched Endhiran. Yes, I saw on theater only (Believe Me). I like this film. I am going to watch this film once again (It's also in theater only). Meantime I am also asking my friends to watch this film at least two times.

Rajini is known for his dialogs. In Endhiran movie my favorite dialog is "நான் சிந்திக்க ஆரம்பித்துவிட்டேன்" (I have started to think). This is the last dialog of The Robot(Chitti) in this movie.

Now I would like to remember few things about உங்கள் தலைவர் (Your Leader). Recent times he acted as a Doctor on Chandramukhi and a Software Engineer on Sivaji. Now in Endhiran he acted as a Scientist and Robot. 

Rajini recent roles clearly shows that he has changed lot. May I ask one questions to you. When you are going to change?

You are pouring milk(பாலபிஷேகம்). In Endhiran, Rajini acted as Scientist and Robot. But you still doing பாலபிஷேகம் even for your Scientist. At lest now you think.

I know "Old Habits Die Hard". Moreover remember that "Change is the only Constant" in this world.