September 9, 2010

India need 26 Laptops

19th Common Wealth Games(CWG) will start on October 3 in New Delhi. This is the first time India hosting CWG. More than 70 countries participate.

26 Laptops

India requires 26 Laptops to organize this game. Laptop requirement is just for 45 days. Now the question is whether India have to buy or rent laptop. In the end India had decided to rent laptop.

India pays Rs. 89,502 for 45 days per one Laptop. 
Source: India Today Magazine

Renting Vs Buying

In Arunachalam film Rajni needs to spend 30 crore within 30 days to get 3000 crore from his father. At this circumstance Ranji choose rental rather than buying, because at the end of day he should not have any property over the amount what he spends.

In this film Rajni rejects his personal assistant cum secretary Rambha's suggestion of buying rather than renting dress and footwear. Rajni's only aim is to spend 30 crore within 30 days to get 3000 crore.

Here our politician aim is to earn money through this game. That's why they pay rent Rs.89,502 for one laptop. Even we can buy very good laptop within Rs.40,000. This is the right time for citizen to think about our politician.

What is CWG?

Other than India it is known as Common Wealth Games

In India it is known as Corruption Wealth Games