August 3, 2010

What is TIDEL?

Tamil Nadu chief minister M.Karunanidhi yesterday evening inaugurated the TIDEL Park in Coimbatore. Now Coimbatoe people have started to use the word "TIDEL" very often. This is the right time to know more about TIDEL.

What is TIDEL?

The word TIDEL is neither acronym nor abbreviation. TIDEL is Portmanteau.

A word derived from the starting letters of other words is called as acronym.


IT - Information Technology
MCA - Master of Computer Application


A short form of a other word is known as abbreviation.


Lab - Laboratory 
Aug - August

Portmanteau: (Pronounce: port-man-toh or  port-man-too)

A word derived by combining portions of two or more separate words is known as Portmanteau.

Portmanteau is also known as blended word.

TIDEL is drerived from TIDCO and ELCOT.

TIDCO is acronym of Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. ELCOT - Electronics Corporation of Tamilnadu

Popular Portmanteau Words or Belnded Words:

Bollywood = Bombay + Hollywood
Modem = modulator + demodulator
Fortnight = fourteen + nights
Bit = binary + digit
Freeware = free + software
Blog = web + log