August 10, 2010

Professor Vs Lecturer

Last week one of my students asked me the difference between Lecturer and Professor. Here I take this opportunity to share my answer to you.


A person who delivers lecture is known as lecturer. Lecturer may or may not have experience.


Professor also delivers lecture, but professors are experienced person. They also expert of their subject. Professor not only teach, they do research whereas lecturer don't do any research.

Type of Professor

There are three type of professors are there.
  1. Assistant Professor
  2. Associate Professor
  3. Professor
Assistant Professor

Nowadays this is entry level of teaching position in college. This is a temporary job.

Associate Professor

A person who have worked as Assistant professor for minimum five years can be promoted as Associate Professor. Moreover this is a permanent job.


A person who have worked as Associate professor for minimum five years can be promoted as Professor. Professor is the highest level of teaching position in college or university.

The usage of the term "Lecturer" and "Professor" varies from country to country, but the meaning of these words do not change.

In India

In India the usage of the term "Lecturer" and "Professor" varies from state to state, university to university and college to college.