August 15, 2010

All eyes on Animatronics

Choose the best answer for the following question. 

Endhiran is all about ------------

a) Shankar
b) Rajni
c) A.R. Rahman
d) Sun Pictures
d) Animatronics

Answer: d)  Animatronics

What is Animatronics?

Animatronics is a type of Animation.


Animation is a technique used to make object move.


Animatronics is technology which uses electronics to operate model of human or animal.

Animatronics is combination of electronics and animation.


In Jurassic Park movie this technique was used to operate the model of Dinosaur. In Endhiran movie the same technique has used to operare model of Rajni (Robot).

Endhiran is not about Shankar or Rajni. It
all about Animatronics.