July 10, 2010

WOW, What an Idea!

You might have seen Abhishek Bachchan’s Idea mobile advertisement on Television. In that advertisement Abhishek says that “An Idea can change your life”. Here one idea has changed the life of two people in Bangalore.

Who are the two people?
Harsha P.J & Ajay Hegde(Right)

What is their Idea?
Open a shop to repair iPod. (They opened on 2008)

What is the shop Name?

Now a days Harsha & Ajay are very busy. They are receiving monthly 150 enquires and they also repairing around 100 iPods per month.

iRepair Vs Apple service center
iRepair offers low cost services.

How to reach iRepair?
Website: http://www.irepair.in/
e-mail: info@irepair.in

Harsha: 09632049550
Ajay: 09900103319

If there is any problem in your iPod or iPhone approach iRepair instead of Apple service center to repair it. You can save money by approching iRepair.