July 24, 2010

Google Has Redesigned Its Image Search

Google has redesigned its Image Search on last Tuesday. This new Image Search has been available on yesterday onwards in India Edition. New Design offers fast and easy access to images. I personally feel that Google copied from Microsoft's Bing.

Advantages of New Design:

New Design offers up to 1000 images whereas Old Design offered 20 images per page.

Disadvantages of New Design:

New design does not provide Related Searches in all page. It's available in first page only whereas in old design this option was available in all pages.

New design does not provide detail about the size of image. To know the size of image I have to click on image which is boring task. But in old version I was able to know the size of image without any click.

New Design

Old Design

Old Design Vs New Design

In Old Design a single page had Five rows whereas New Design have Three rows only.

In Old Design a row consists of four images only. In New Design each row consists of  maximum of six images otherwise minimum of five images

In Old Design an image had details about ...

                        Dimension, Size and Type of image in the respective order.

In New Design an image have details about ...

                        File Name, Type of image,
                        Dimension and Description in the respective order.


In old version an image had "Find Similar Images" options whereas in new version it changed to "Similar".

Now people are ready to KISS Google MISS(Made It short and Sweet)